Crowdfunding Place

Crowdfunding place is a safe and easy way to invest your money in real estate market. It is an innovative type of investment that anyone can take. Crowdfunding Place is the only company like this in UK and develops very dynamically. This company is gaining more and more supporters year after year and you can join them any time. Crowdfunding Place has designed a convenient platform through which you can comfortably control your investments and manage them. Profits start to gain when the real estate is bought by you and your shareholders. Your income is proportional to your contribution money, you always can sell its stake and invest in something else. Start your adventure in investments and familiar with the offer of Crowdfunding Place.

Address: Islington Wharf, 145 Great Ancoats St, Manchester, M4 6DH UK

Phone: +44 161 850 17 21 (Manchester ) / +44 203 642 41 74 (London)



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