Keeping the secret or cards on the table – what is the best strategy when it comes to the packaging for cosmetics?

Perfecting the formula and creating high quality cosmetics is often not enough to be successful on such a saturated market. In order to make it big, the cosmetics companies need also to create a packaging able to attract customers’ attention. How to do it? Is it better to keep a secret by implementing boxes that offer full coverage or use the transparent packaging and put the cards on the table?

Why is the choice of packaging for cosmetics so important?

Packaging is usually the first thing the customers see. It has the ability to attract the attention of potential buyers and convince them to make a purchasing decision. By implementing a well designed box for their cosmetics, the brand can convey their values, make the product stand out from the competition, and create a flourishing relationship with customers that can last many years. Boxes for cosmetics have a large impact on sales and can make a difference between making it big on the market and disappearing without a trace. Hence, it is extremely important to treat the packaging for cosmetics as a marketing tool and learn how to use it in a smart way.

Transparent packaging for cosmetics

Packaging for cosmetics can be fully transparent. It can take the form of a see-through glass or plastic bottles and jars. Often the transparent packaging for cosmetics is a tube or a box made of clear plastic or, more often, hard foil.

Advantages of the transparent packaging for cosmetics

Transparent packaging for cosmetics allows the customers to clearly see what they buy. They can easily evaluate product properties, such as its color and dimensions. They are also able to confront the image from the commercial with the real thing. It lets the product speak for itself and gives the sense of honesty, making the potential buyer feel safe. Transparent cosmetic boxes can greatly improve product visibility, which is one of the most important factors supporting sales.

Disadvantages of the transparent packaging for cosmetics

The biggest disadvantage of the transparent packaging for cosmetics is the fact it does not offer any protection from the light, which may be a problem in case of some products. It also offers relatively little space for graphics and inscriptions and makes it more difficult to display the company’s logo, as well as the name of the product. This, however, can be resolved by adding special tags.

Full coverage packaging for cosmetics

The packaging for cosmetics that offers full coverage are non-transparent glass or plastic bottles and jars, as well as rigid boxes.

Advantages of the full coverage packaging for cosmetics

The full coverage packaging for cosmetics offers good protection from the sun. It also provides a lot of space for graphics, notes, and other important information. Non-transparent packaging makes it easier to enhance the visibility of the logo and the name of the product.

Packaging for cosmetics

Disadvantages of the full coverage packaging for cosmetics

The full coverage packaging hides the product from the customer. Potential buyers cannot see the cosmetic and assess its visible qualities. In some customers it may evoke the feeling of distrust and a sense that the brand is trying to hide something.

Window Rigid Boxes

The perfect mix between transparent and full coverage cosmetics packaging are window rigid boxes. It is a type of box equipped with an additional window showing a fragment or even the entire product. It can act as a display, letting the cosmetic speak for itself, while also offering enough space for graphics and allowing proper logo exposition. Window rigid boxes are stylish, give the sense of luxury and are very effective in attracting customers’ attention, which translates to the brand’s visibility and the increase of sales.