What needs to be considered while packing products for shipping in an online shop?

Online shops are currently a very popular way to sell merchandise. They are fairly easy to create and, if set up properly, can generate a substantial revenue. 

What does affect the perception of an online shop? 

The factors that affect the customers’ perception of an online shop the most are the presentation of the product, page design, and available shipping options. 

The process of packing

Presentation of the product 

An online shop owner should put a lot of effort in the presentation of the product, as it affects the customers’ perception and can greatly impact sales. It is important to ensure appropriate listing and choose the right product categories, as it allows the buyers to easily find the product they are looking for. Each item displayed in the shop should also be fitted with an exhaustive description and attractive photos, which provide the customer with all necessary information about the product and make it appear more desirable

Page design 

Looks matter, which is why each online vendor should make sure the page design of their shop is both visually attractive and user friendly. It should attract the attention of the potential buyers, clearly demonstrate what is being sold, and portray the business as reliable. In case of online shops, usually the best approach can be described as “less is more”, as clients tend to respond best to clean lines and a lot of space without overwhelming detail. The page design of the shop should, however, correspond with the brand’s visual identity, in order to create a consistent image and a strong online presence. 

Shipping options 

The availability of shipping options is often the key factor in the success of the online shop. The vendor may offer free shipping, flat rate shipping, or shipping rate by weight, price or product. What needs to be established is whether the shipping is domestic or international. 

The online shop owner should also make sure all products are carefully packed in a way they can withstand shipping and arrive to the customer intact. 

The importance of the correct product packaging 

The preparation for shipping

The primary purpose of the packaging is to retain the product intact during shipping and protect it from damage, dirt, and other external factors, such as humidity, light or high and low temperatures. Therefore, the packaging used by the online shop should be durable, resilient, and adjusted to the size and shape of the product, to prevent it from moving uncontrollably. Internet vendors should also make sure the packages they send to the buyers have good visuals and offer a pleasant unboxing experience, as it helps establish a positive relationship with the customers and can affect future sales.

The best packaging for shipping products from an online shop

Printed magnetic boxes are a great packaging for shipping products from an online shop. They secure the product placed in them and ensure it keeps all its qualities, but can also effectively display the merchandise, make it stand out and have a more luxurious presence. Printed magnetic boxes can also be repurposed and used as a storage for jewellery, cosmetics, office utensils, or other objects, which makes them even more appealing. 

How to decorate the inside of the packaging? 

Printed magnetic boxes can be decorated both on the outside and on the inside. The online shop owner can choose to adorn them with the use of such techniques as hot stamping, embossing, debossing, UV printing or the implementation of soft touch film. Customized printed magnetic gift boxes can also be covered with various types of veneers, such as canvas, leather or ecological paper, and equipped with cardboard or foam inserts.