What Would Your Dream Kitchen Look Like

Having a thought about renovating your kitchen and making it fit all the newest trends and standards? Many people do now as the interior styles and designs have changed and developed significantly over the last couple of years. Kitchen that was becoming quite neglected is now back to being one of the main focus points of every house and making it look perfect is a dream of many people. What would your dream kitchen look like? If you’re out of ideas or need some help deciding, here are our top pics for the best kitchen designs of 2018.

Back to basics

Kitchen can be done well in so many ways, it’s almost impossible to say that there’s one style that would fit everyone’s needs. However, it’s always good to start with basics and in fact, basic styles are a massive trend right now. Shifting focus to actual functionality of the kitchen and making it as practical as possible is a great decision if you always find yourself opening all the cupboards to find that one measuring jug you always like to use for your baking.

kitchen design

Keep everything in place and out of sight with a kitchen that may look simple, but is definitely a stunner inside and out. Finish the kitchen up with muted colours and simplistic furniture and you’ll get yourself a perfect base for cooking, baking and photographing your lunch in between.

Give it some character

If the kitchen is supposed to be the centre of attention, why not give it a really unique vibe that will certainly catch your eye? Statement kitchens are very popular now as they can add so much character to the whole house and make for so much more than just a space with a fridge and a stove.

white kitchen

Pick unusual colours like navy or black for your furniture and set it up with matching armature and appliances, which would make a perfect contrast against white or light grey walls. Add some contemporary touches or go full industrial and finish it up with metal and brass elements. An elegant yet modern kitchen – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Rustic with a twist

There’s no doubt that some people like old-fashioned interiors, period houses and projects that could easily fit back in our grandmother’s kitchen. Nobody says that it can’t be your dream kitchen too. All you need to do is make it more modern to make it look like it belongs in our century!

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Antique furniture could look great if you set it against freshly painted white walls, new appliances and some classic pieces that will make it look more elegant. Your dream kitchen is what you make it and the modern interiors market will allow you to make it almost anything you want.