Hanging lights – LED or chandelier?

Ceiling lights can be quite tricky. Thinking of their size, shape and style isn’t enough to make a decision whether to go for a simplistic LED light or a full-blown chandelier. It all depends on the room, the space and your personal preferences, but we can help you make the decision easier. Here are few tips on which lighting to choose.

Room vibe

LED lamps, which are usually close to the ceiling are a perfect solution for small spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Use them to brighten up the room if you don’t want the lamp to be a key feature of the room. Modern hanging lamps with their variety of shapes are best for living rooms and kitchen areas, as their artistic features may be fit to the vibe of the room, making it an art piece that everyone wants to look at.

Classic chandeliers are reserved mainly for the living rooms. They fit best in rooms that are spacious and not heavily made up with art and furniture – if there’s too much going on, a chandelier can make the room look crowded. Choose it only if it complements the design of the room you were going for.

Space available

Chandeliers can be quite heavy looking and overbearing, so be wary of the size of your lounge. As mentioned before, they fit best in spacious rooms that are not already heavy on other accessories and furniture. LED hanging lamps are a lot smaller and fit even tiny rooms. Cool, chic and contemporary, lamps can make the room look fresh and clean and completely transfer it from boring to interesting in no time. Also, LED light is quite specific in its brightness, making the room feel more spacious than it actually is.

Design lamps

Metal and glass elements take this effect even further.

The majority of the choice lays on the style you want to achieve. Chandeliers can make the room look lavish and give it a prestigious vibe, but it’s not that practical in small homely spaces. Contemporary LED lamps, however, are a perfect fit for such rooms thanks to their variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Bright, cosy and ambient – express your mood with lights and feel good at your own space everytime you enter the room.